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"I used a New Reign hoodie for skiing yesterday, and I can tell you, it was excellent. This isn't meant to be like a cotton hoodie, but rather a comfy replacement for your Gore-Tex or nylon or yellow rubber or whatever. This price is outstanding!" - Chas Horner

"Loving the ReignGear for the Oregon winter weather." - Justin Turner

"Everyone is always asking about my jacket. They love it!" - Kara McKenzie

"We are very impressed with your gear – as long time Duck fans we have a flock of rain gear – your seems to be the best we have ever seen." - Terry Lewis

"Well, the coats are on the guys, and they look sharp. You really did a great job. I hope to send more business your way in the future." - Alexis Lemmon (Comfort Flow Heating)

"This hoodie jacket is wonderful, very comfy." - Jim Gorby

"I love the product. When I received it we all tried it on, loved the fit and feel. We were waiting to test it in severe weather.  Fortunately that opportunity came as Hurricane Sandy pummeled our area. I wore that piece all throughout the storm and it stayed completely waterproof, even with surf pounding against me, and completely windproof. Wind tested at 85mph gusts.  We are so interested in carrying this piece and would love to speak with you more!" - Chris Boynton (Sound Boatworks)

"All my boys are wearing the jackets everywhere they go. They don't even take them off for dinner." - Tandi Denton Schatz

"My husband wears his everywhere, everyday. He absolutely loves it!" - Jolene Hill

"I have had my jacket since 2012, best hoodie ever!" - Scott Hopkins

"Hoodie kept me warm and dry at a rainy Oregon/Arizona game with only a t-shirt on underneath." - Tyson Martin

"I gave my hoodie its first big test this weekend. Saturday it kept me dry while three inches of snow fell as I geared up for a climb. Yesterday, Heather and I wore them to Crater Lake National Park in 30mph wind and driving snow. We were warm and dry. Love the hoodies!" - Steve Kominsky (Avid Summit Hiker)

"At track practice today I wore my New Reign hoodie today over the leathers. Very warm and dry." - Adan Mendoza (Professional Motorcycle Racer)

"I wore my hoodie in the rain while walking to school today. Kept me warm and dry. Great product!" - Craig Ashford

"Thank you guys for such a great product! We rock them all the time. Rocking the best gear out there! Thanks for all your help and can't wait to get a new one!" - Thomas Millirons (Team Headrush)